Economic Development

A vibrant and thriving economy is an essential factor in the strength and health of any region. Appalachians have long been disenfranchised, suffering from high unemployment, low wages, and many other obstacles to economic security. The Appalachian Justice Initiative is dedicated to promoting greater economic stability in the region through practical policy proposals, direct legal advocacy, outreach, and education. 

The Cost of the Vote: Poll Taxes, Voter Identification Laws, and the Price of Democracy
86 Denv. U. L. Rev. 1023 (2009) | Atiba R. Eillis

Proposed cuts to Appalachian Regional Commission eliminates economic development programs and funding in West Virginia
via The Exponent Telegram

Addressing Rural Blight: Lessons from West Virginia and WV Leap
J. Affordable Housing & Community Dev. L. (2016) | Ann M. Eisenberg

Energy efficiency can create West Virginia jobs, says WVU law professor
via WVU Today

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